I help you have productive conversations, especially in group settings. I work with you to create an open, productive, and inspiring meeting where you can mobilise the wisdom and commitment of your stakeholders to help you deliver success. I take you as process leader through the journey of finding out the perfect way to frame and approach the question you are facing, I help you identify the right people to engage, and I take you and your stakeholders through a professionally run meeting to get results. My processes embrace the diversity of knowledge and perspectives that participants bring and offer you the chance to experience what a culture of collaboration and common purpose looks like.

Success can be an agreement, a new vision, a reorganisation, a practical strategy, a series of real time experiments, new insights, or a plan for wholescale change and transformation. I work to make sure the process fits the culture of your world – from improvised role plays to formal facilitated conversations. I guarantee that you will achieve results that you only hoped for.

My experience has been developed over 20 years of working with groups in diverse settings: local communities, multinational companies, public sector policy processes, organisational development, whole system transformation on complex issues. 

Clients have included:

Northern Ireland’s Public Health Agency, Universities of Limerick, Queens, Edinburgh, LSE, Ireland’s Office of Public Works, The World Bank, Belfast City Council, Care International, United Nations, Technological Higher Education Association in Ireland, Newry, Mourne and Down Council, Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Voluntary Arts Ireland, Nespresso, Kerry Foods, PWC.

The core processes that I use to design and engineer the best workshop for you include Future Search, Three Horizons, Technology of Participation, Art of Hosting, Theory U, Open Space, Agile Scrum, Innovation Labs, Appreciative Inquiry plus a range of interactive practices including serious gaming and role play. I use these approaches to inspire the workshops I create for you.

Contact me if you need to engage with others to help you get to where you need to get to or if you are interested in learning more about how professional facilitation can dramatically increase your chances of success. I am based in Ireland and I work internationally.

Email: Michael@secondnature.ie
Phone: +44(0)7739 518998

Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly